Roma 4FT6 Bed

Roma 5FT Bed

Roma 6FT Bed

Berlin Day Bed

Dallas 4FT6 Bed

Dallas 5FT Bed

Wilson Gas-lift 5FT Bed

Taylor 4.jpg

Taylor 3FT Bed

Taylor 4FT

Taylor 4FT6

Boston 4FT6 Bed

Boston 5FT Bed


Jasmine Black 4FT6 Bed

Jasmine Grey 4FT6 

Ashford 5FT Bed

New York High End Mink 6FT Bed

CAPRI Bunk Bed.jpg

Capri Bunk Bed

Ohio Bed 4FT6

Ohio Bed 5FT

Ohio Bed 6FT

Galaxy Black 5FT  Bed

New York Low End Mink 5FT

Kilkenny Silver Bed 4FT6

Arizona 4FT6 Bed


New York Low End Grey 5FT

Kilkenny Mink Bed 4FT6

Claire Gas Lift Bed 4FT6

Claire Gas Lift Bed 5FT

Kingston Gas Lift Bed 5FT

NEW Galway Silver Bed 4FT6

NEW Galway Silver Bed 5FT


Available 30th Jan

NEW Grey Claire Gas Lift Bed 4FT6

NEW Grey Claire Gas Lift Bed 5FT

Available 31st Jan

Kilkenny Grey Bed 4FT6

Available 9th Feb

NEW Galway Grey Bed 4FT6

NEW Galway Grey Bed 5FT

"Real comfort, visual and physical is vital to every room"

- Mark Hampton

- Interior Designer

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