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The Oasis Base & Head Board Collection

Design          Size             Height             Width                length             Colour            Boxes  

Hogan          4FT6              136cm             150cm              214cm            Grey                 4      

Hogan           5FT                136cm            165cm              221cm           Grey                 4       

Wilson          4FT6              136cm             147cm              217cm            Grey                 4      

Wilson          5FT                136cm             147cm              225cm            Grey                 4      

Parker          4FT6              136cm             173cm              214cm            Grey                 4     

Parker          5Ft                 136cm             188cm              222cm            Grey                 4     

Oasis            4FT6              42cm                150cm             204cm             Grey                3     

Oasis            5FT                42cm                164cm             212cm             Grey                3     




Modern in style, the Oasis Gas-Lift bed is available in both 4FT6 and 5FT. This bed has an upholstery velvet finish and is covered in a soft grey coloured fabric.


The bed however, is favoured most for its convenient storage feature. The Gas-Lift aspect is excellent for increased storage and can be easily opened by tugging on the handle situated above the footboard. This is easy to do and effort free. 


In addition to this, this bed can also be purchased with three interchangeable headboards, the Hogan, Wilson and Parker (Featured in Photos).


There is impressive lined-back and button back detail on the three headboards and this instantly catches one’s attention.


The bed is easy to assemble and pleasant to look at.  


Please note: GIE beds are only suitable for a UK standard size mattress.

"Real comfort, visual and physical is vital to every room"

- Mark Hampton

- Interior Designer

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