Cologne Nest

(W) 38 x (H) 54 x (L) 58 cm

Jade Nest

(W) 140 x (H) 50 x (L) 44 cm

Cologne Console

(W) 120 x (H) 74 x (L) 45 cm

Bella Nest

(W) 140 x (H) 50 x (L) 44 cm

Maison TV Unit

(W) 140 x (H) 50 x (L) 44 cm

Maison Coffee Table and Leather Seat Stool


Coffee table has two stools underneath; each stool has wheels for easy movement. Both stools have a leather seat that lifts up to reveal an inner storage compartment. The seat can then be used as a tray when upturned. 

(W) 140 x (H) 50 x (L) 44 cm

G807 Coffee Table

(W) 120 x (H) 46 x (L) 70 cm